The purple artificial forest , 2005

II dreamed of a purple artificial forest.
I created an artificial purple theatre.
Parts of home furniture, human parts.
The bed was surrounded with electricity pylons.
I was lying.
Parts of a human body.
Hand, legs, a face.
All looking into the mirror.
The only thing I see him devouring my picture.
Parts of home furniture.
Dinner table.
They were sitting at the end of the tunnel.
They were sitting across the table eating me once more.
They eat each other.
My legs grow.
I give birth to light, and the light eats me.
And I melt into a tunnel of endless darkness.
Parts of home furniture, human parts.
All devour each other in an artificial purple theatre.


Project & Personl text by / Amal Kenawy
Video animation (2005)
11 min – pal
2 screen

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