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Visual artist Amal Kenawy was born in Cairo (1974). She studied film and fashion design at the Academy of Fine Arts at the Cinema Institute in Cairo (1997-1999) and received a BA in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Helwan University in Egypt (1999). Kenawy was awarded the UNESCO Grand Prize at the International Cairo Biennale (1998), a grant from Pro-Helvetia Swiss Arts Council for an artist residency in Araau, Switzerland (2004), the Global Crossings Prize in Los Angeles  2005 : The Golden prize /xx111 Biennale de Alexandria des  Paysde La Meditranena

2005:  The global crossings prize , Leonardo International society for the arts
Sciences and technology (ISAST), Los Angeles, USA
2004:  The state National Prize for Art, Science, Literature, (for using Video as
Visual medium - Egypt. 1998:  The AICA commission (Marseilles Art Studios), FrancE
1996:  The 1st prize in sculpture, 7th salon of youth, Cairo, Egypt.

 (2005), the Best Animated Film Prize at the 12th Cairo International Film Festival (2006), and a prize at the Dak'Art Biennale of Contemporary African Art for a residency in Amsterdam (2006). .       THE FRIST PRIZE OF SHARJHA BEINNALE. EMARITS 2007
Amal Kenawy has had numerous solo exhibitions, including “Transformation,” part of the grant she received from Pro-Helvetia for an artist residency (2004), “The Journey” held at the Town House Gallery for Contemporary Art in Cairo (2004), “Booby Trapped Heaven”2006 video ANIMATION  PHOTGRAPH . at the Mashrabia Gallery in Cairo,  ( You will be killed  /2006 )video animation and “Space” at the Karim Francis Contemporary Art Gallery in Cairo (2006).
Kenawy has participated in various international biennales, some of which include the Dak'Art Biennale of Contemporary African Art (2004 and 2006) and the 1st Singapore Biennale (2006). This year, she PERSENTED AT Moscow Biennale 2007/ RUSSA.  and the Sharjah Biennale /2007  in the United Arab Emirates.
Amal Kenawy has taken part in several group exhibitions, including “Africa Remix - Contemporary Art of a Continent” (2004-2007), and (without title) 2007 . At MUKHA Antwerp/Belgium  .  “Home Works: Forum on Cultural Practices” (2004 and 2005), and “Some Stories” (2005). She has also participated in a number of international theatre festivals, which include  Festival des 7 Collines _  SAINT –ETIENNE – FRANCE 2006

2005: (Milan Oltre) (Festival did teatro danza musica e oltre – 19th edizione). , Italy.
2005: ( Festival de theatre des Ameriques)–Montreal .Canada.
2005: (Contemporena Festival) Prato- Italy.

 La Rose des Vent in Lillie, France (2004) and the Kunsten Festival des Arts in Brussels, Belgium (2004) as well as a variety of international film festivals like FIPA in Paris (2007) and 1st Tirana international film festival for short &documentary film / Albania 2003.