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  Blue ,2008        

At the theatre, during rehearsals our images are so real


there once was a horse, looked like a unicorn, and it fell into the sea

drowning and falling deeper till it reached the bottom, People tried to help

throwing one rope
and another
and another

each had a hook, that tore and broke through the the horses body

but at the bottom, the horse could neither leave or resist drowning

yet still stood firm

the hooks and ropes could do nothing but make his passing

all the more painful


A Dream ..the language of the image carries out its own operations .it is a dead theatre, frozen one , waiting for a breath .

here, during the rehearsal our image is real

i would gradually give away to less material and clumsiness

i would gradually give away to nothing but mere sounds

I would  gradually give way to a full spirit .At a theatre, where our images are so real during rehearsals …Dream.

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